Monday, 11 October 2010

baking mad

ok, so i finally hae the house straight..its taken since april but from april-july obviously bump made things difficult and then baby made things difficult and then school holidays made...well, you get the picture! so now, with th exception of a few bits in our room to go to the loft (christmas christmas christmas) we are nearly sorted (lets see how long it lasts!)

now the kids are back at school i feel i have reclaimed the kitchen tooand am in the middle of a baking frenzy! i have taking to knocking up a victoria sponge or a batch of fairy cakes nearly every day. i can mix cook and serve up a victoria sponge quicker then i can cook a dinner. the husband is happy...the kids are happy cos they all gets to eat the spoils and im happy cos baking is the best form of stress relief i have ever known!

this past week i have made 2 victoria sponges, one filled with buttercream and one with whipped cream and jam (we had guests!!), one fruit sponge cake,6 batches of fairy cakes, 2 batches plain, 2 with currants, one with fudge pieces and one that was supposed to be buerfly caqkes but i never quite got round to giving the cakes wings so ....
i have also made a couple of recipes from my new super dooper cook book. the other day i made peppermint stick muffins with smashed up extra strong mints inside them.(sounds odd but they are delicious!)
tonight i have made som carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing yummy. so i have really been quite busy
crush the mints in a pestle and mortar

add to dry ingredients

top with some icing and ..voila!

as well as the baking frenzy, and the house tidying, we had visitors the weekend in the form of sons foster parents. they came to see the baby but it was the first time we had seen them in ages so it was lovely to catch up. i cooked a lasagne and roast potatoes and garlic bead for dinner and we had a lovely relaxed evening..the kids even behaved!!! then on sunday they took the older 2 out for an hour or so to give me some peace. mark was at work. would like to say i sat with my feet up but, well ou now how these things go!

and hasnt the weather been gorgeous, i got te grass cut sunday and tidied up the front of the house where there is a flower bed today, i have poted plantsw to go in but didnt want t break my ails carrying the pots through. for anyone who knows me this is incredible....i havent had long nails in 7 years since charity arrived  and then i had only had long nails for a year, i bite them yuck! but pregnancy made my nails grow, and they havent stopped growing yet and they are really tough (i cant bite through them!!)so will wait for the husband to carry them through one day and ill plant them up.
i dropped the kids at school this morning and decided the weather was just to nice to stay in so i would do the garden, but needed gardening gloves, our neighbours have cats(i HATE cats. mainly because im allergic to them but i do find them freaky evil little things, and honestly dont see the point, you cant walk them, they will let you stroke them when you feel like it, IF they feel like, give me a dog anyday

our dog is certainly part of our family!

anyway, i went to get gardening gloves. i parked in tesco carpark, thought id pop in before goingover the road to the garden centre. in tesco i ended up having breakfaswt and coffee, walking round the shop i found some fabulous bargains, a ben 10 drink bottle for £1, kids little,cars drawing desks/clipboards for 99p (bargain, so i bought 6!) to story pen sets 50p(i got 2)and pink book ends 25p (i got 2 sets) n ice little stocking fillers i thought.
then onto the garden centre i got my gloves but....bad news...they had their christmas stuff out..uh ohso i also got.....

i got the hat by the way, not the baby

im going back for this hat next week

aint she cute!

so ive really had a productive and busy week(hence ive not blogged!)

conting down the days to christmas now...and im off to find the next recipe for me to bake...
come back soon  xxxx

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